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About Gotham

       Gotham was formed by Screamin' Dave Scott with one thing in mind; to create a band that was so good, the DJs would be intimidated! Once you hear them perform, you will know that his mission was accomplished.

Screamin' Dave Scott  Dave FaceDave Head

Dave Scott is a guitarist that will make you do a double take. One listen to his musical vocabulary, and you will see why they call him "Screamin". Dave can sound like anybody. From Hendrix to AC/DC, Zakk Wylde to George Benson, BonJovi to P-Funk Dave nails them all and more. He has a collection of 19 guitars and one of the biggest FX pedalboards ever created. As a vocalist, he is just as diverse. Bruce Springsteen, Tom Jones, Sean Paul, Teddy Pendergrass and Louis Armstrong are all singers that come to mind when you hear Dave. Dave has performed with Mark Anthony, Blue Magic, The Stylistics, Neil Sedaka, The Manhattans and many other Soul groups from the 70s and 80s.

Zoe Lyons  

Zoe Face  Zoe Face Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Zoe is the vocal chameleon of Gotham. She can sound like anyone. She rocks like Pat Benetar and Robert Plant, She has the Soul of Aretha and Joss Stone, Smooth like Shania Twain and Etta James and Contemporary like Rhiana and Shakira. At Mohegan Sun, Zoe can always be seen socializing with her fans and signing autographs between sets.

 Darryl Foster "The Big Man"

Darryl Foster   Darryl Foster 

Darryl Foster speaks softly but carries a Big Sax. Darryl is affectionately known as "The Big Man", named after Clarence Clemmons, Sax man for Bruce Springsteen. While wielding his wireless Sax, Darryl can be seen delighting his fans on the        
middle of the dance floor and at Mohegan, playing out on the      casino floor. Darryl is an educator of children with special    needs and he is an encyclopedia of music                                   history.                                                                                   

Victor "Vic" Burks

Victor Burks  Vic Head

Victor Burks is the Master of the Keyboards. Vic rips through Jazz changes on the Grand Piano, P-Funk on the Synthesizer, Programs Hip=Hop and Dance Traxx and has a velvety smooth voice as well.  A native of Ohio, Vic has played with many legends of R&B music and can be seen manning the keyboards at the ESPN Awards on                                                                   television.                                                                                 

Gary "G-Money" Nieves

Gary Nieves Gary head

Gary Nieves holds down the bottom "Funkin' up the Bass"!! Known as G-Money because he is always "in the pocket", Gary pushes the band and makes you feel the need to dance. While his bass plays the LOW notes, his voice hits the HIGH notes sounding like Justin Timberlake and the Stylistics. "G" is the navigator of Gotham and always keeps us on course.

Lou "Coreus" Corio

Lou Corio lou head

Lou has been Dave's drummer since the age of 12. Dave just has to think it, and Lou does it. "Coreus" is the "God of Thunder". His feet can play as fast as his hands.  He and G-Money lock together so well, the rest of the band can be seen looking back and smiling. LOU CAN"T SING so don't ask!!!!!!(sorry lou) But he can make his drums pulse and yell. Check out Lou's history at


Screamin" Dave Scott

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