Danielle          Emo            Gabby        Irene         Kerri         Maddie        Mel            Brittany         

  Bars        Vault      Vault    Vault  Floor    Bars     Beam       Floor

  Beam        Floor       Bars    Bars  Vault    Vault   Floor      Floor 2

  Bars 2        Vault 2      Bars 2     Beam  Vault 2    Beam                                  Beam

  Beam 2        Floor 2      Vault 2    Floor       Floor


              Coaches: Here is a link to a video player that can do Slow Motion Playback    www.yessoft.com/dnn/                                    

   Tiffany         McKenna     Ashley         Jill             Kim         Bethany       Molly         Sarah

   Vault      Beam     Bars   Bars    Beam   Bars    Bars    Floor

   Bars      Vault        Beam    Bars   Vault    Bars Towson    Beam

    Floor      Floor                                                             Vault    Floor    Beam  

                                                                                                                         Vault 2     Beam    

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  Bars        Floor      USAG Team        Floor       Floor                 Champ Banners

  Floor         Floor Finals      Medal Stand       Floor 2        Beam                 Juniors Tribute

  Vault                                        Erin Brosy                                                                                  Seniors

  Floor 2                                        USAG Supporters                                                                                  Puppet Show

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